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About the program

FIWARE NGSI is a universal standard for context data management used to facilitate the development of Smart Solutions. The FIWARE ecosystem means a straight-forward business opportunity for IoT products - It is simple, any device which is capable of directly or indirectly communicating using the NSGI protocol can be plugged into literally any FIWARE-based smart solution. This eliminates vendor lock-in and allows new entrants to the IoT device market to ensure their compatibility with existing solutions apriori.

Smart solutions "powered by FIWARE" can easily integrate new IoT devices, and can leverage the existing FIWARE open-source components to communicate with those devices via existing well-known IoT protocols.

So far, developers needed to search compatible IoT products and find out how to make them work. The certification of "FIWARE-Ready" IoT devices provides the answer, as it is designed to demonstrate the ability of the IoT solutions to seamless interoperate with FIWARE platforms.

The database of products and developers that have successfully been featured and certified as "FIWARE-Ready" IoT devices will be part of the FIWARE Marketplace, a global one-stop shop that gives visibility to a wide range of "Powered by FIWARE" solutions and platforms, "FIWARE-Ready" technologies as well as FIWARE related training/coaching or consultancy, integration and support services. The FIWARE Marketplace serves the purpose of globally disseminating existing commercial offerings across the FIWARE ecosystem.